Protein Or Bust

Protein, baby!

Something that I am needing to learn more about is how to get enough protein from a variety sources. This is not all about macro nutrients though (e.g. fats, carbs proteins) or even sourcing protein from one type of food like meat.

There are ways to combine certain foods like whole grains and legumes to get protein since you are getting the needed amino acids from the two different foods to make protein for your body. There are also foods that have smaller amounts of protein, too like spinach. Spinach has .9 grams of protein per cup and broccoli has 2 grams per serving. You get the idea: A little from here and a little from there.

What I am figuring out still is how to get enough for my own body from better, low processed sources. For example, I am shooting for a 2,200 calorie day normally. I feel better when I have 100 grams of protein a day. There are 4 calories for every gram of protein so 4 x 100 means 400 of my daily calories should come from protein.

It’s a work in progress and I will need to breakdown everything I am eating to make sure I am hitting my protein mark. I definitely do not want to lose muscle mass during this time.

More to follow so stay tuned.