The 60 Day Experiment

Not too long ago I was really healthy. I mean "vegetarian working out hard 4-5 days a week with a six pack" healthy. I was about 182 lbs or so. Now, I am about 212.

I have a digital scale that is pretty consistent compared to other scales. Except compared to the scale at the doctor's office which always adds 5 pounds. Really. Not that the extra five pounds really matters - I am overweight. More to the point, I have too much body fat.

I didn't need my primary care physician to tell me this but the weight of her voice made it count:

"You are in pretty average condition for an American these days but if this was the 1950's, I would tell you to lose some weight."

That really hit me for some reason. I know better or I knew better at one time. I know how to eat and exercise better more than most people. So what happened to get me here and how do I fix it? Knowing better and not doing it wrecks the soul, I think and I wanted to fix that. "How" I will do that is part of the story I want to tell here.

I love how ridiculous cliches and trends are. I grew up when not drinking milk was an anathema and meat was the only way to get protein. The trends and angles of social expectation that refract and distort the light of truth come and go but food should be outside that, right? Human physiology hasn't changed all that much for thousands of years. Yet, the food fads creep in. Nothing stands out more for me than the term "super food." It's a basically a meaningless term based on some imagined kernel of truth.

As a learning piece for me and to keep myself interested in eating better, I decided to limit my diet to almost exclusively super foods for 60 days and see what happens. How will my body change? How will my perception of how food is sold and marketed change? What things will I discover about my past and future as I do this? What fallacies await destruction in my mind and which ones do I want to keep?

Starting November 1st, 2017 I began this wee journey. I will run it through New Years Day when I plan to also participate in a polar bear plunge to help celebrate the New Year 2018. I plan to go forward and in a lot of different topic directions at the same time. Trust me. Think of the posts to come as spokes of the same wheel rolling along.

Stay tuned for updates.