Beware Red Quinoa

Last night the tab at check-out came to $73.67. I was a bit shocked. All my little plastic bags and other items added up. One thing in particular caught my attention. The red quinoa was $11.50 for 1.23 lbs. I know nothing about shopping for this stuff so I was caught off guard.

It is great stuff, though. Mainly I am attracted to quinoa for the protein. It has the right amount of 9 essential amino acids to make it a complete protein. Many meat eaters think that you cannot get protein without meat but that’s a bunch of…umm…baloney*. All dietary proteins are made out of amino acids and quinoa has it covered. Mind you, a cup of cooked beef has about 31 grams of protein compared to one cup of red quinoa which has 8 grams of protein but there is so much more that quinoa offers.

Yes, this grain goes back to the ancient Incas which sounds romantic but does it mean anything? I think it means something because this edible (which is not a grain) has stood the test of time and marketing. Now I just need to find some cool recipes.

Super food status?  

*meat double entendre